Hot Tub Safety

With the increasing number of hot tubs and home spas built everywhere in homes and backyards, it will be prudent for everyone to take some time to address hot tub protection. Most people equate hot tubs with pleasure and relaxing, but you need to be mindful of a variety of possible health problems.

The hot tubs and home spas may be a perfect breeding ground for microbes and pathogens that trigger disease. This is usually attributable to the hot tub’s dry, moist atmosphere. Legionella bacteria are not rare to be present in a well cared for hot tub. This is a very harmful form of bacteria that may cause Legionnaire disease, as well as infections of pneumonia and the eye / ear. The risk of falling sick from the hot tub is significantly minimized with the appropriate treatment and cleaning of the hot tub.

Disinfection is the secret to preventing bacteria from rising in your hot tub. Although several hot tubs and spas come fitted with UV lighting systems and ozone treatments, chemicals are no replacement for these. Your hot tub or pool will have a disinfectant amount of no less than 3ppm for chlorine, and 4.5ppm for bromine. Somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6 is the optimal pH amount for your pool.

You will test the amount of the disinfectant in your hot tub before and after any usage. Most spa and hot tub vendors offer check kits which can be used daily. One way to reduce the tub’s level of bacteria is to ensure sure you and the friends have a shower before using the hot tub. A more element to be aware of is the volume of consumption. A barely used hot tub may need less chemicals than a normal pool.

Your hot tub should also be emptied every month or two, then properly washed with a bleach solution. Filtration and filtering equipment should be periodically washed, too. You will be able to appreciate your hot tub for several years to come, by adopting these health and grooming tips. If you have any doubts or complaints regarding the safety condition of your hot tub, call your nearest hot tub dealer or fabricator.